START Vaduz is Liechtenstein's largest student-run entrepreneurship initiative and has been promoting entrepreneurial thinking and action in Vaduz and the DACH Region since 2004.

Supported by the business-friendly environment of Liechtenstein, our small country is the perfect incubator for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We organize exciting events such as pitching competitions, founder talks, company visits, and many more to connect people from different disciplines and spark new ideas.

Join us and gather unforgettable experiences!

Our Members

At START Vaduz, we have a diverse and dynamic team of 37 members.

While many of our members have backgrounds in management or architecture, we value and welcome individuals from all academic, professional, and cultural backgrounds. We believe that having a balanced and inclusive team is key to our success, and we are proud to have a team that is 46% female.

We prioritize creating a supportive and welcoming environment for all team members, where everyone can contribute their unique perspectives and skills.

Our team is made up of individuals who are passionate about making a difference and driving innovation. We encourage collaboration and teamwork, and we are committed to fostering a culture of growth and development for our members.

We are all over Europe

By joining START, you are joining one of the most widespread and influential networks in all of Europe. The START Network was born over two decades ago in St. Gallen – now it counts twelve chapters (St. Gallen, Lausanne, Liechtenstein, Berlin, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Barcelona, Lisbon, Warsaw, Helsinki, Maastricht& Munich) in eight different countries (Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Finland).

Map of all START Network chapters

Application Phase is CLOSED

However, you can sign up to be notified when our application phase reopens.